Our Experience 

Driving New Jersey to Florida, or Florida to New Jersey

Our Experience


Our Experience

At Drive Car To Florida, a drive away service, we have a large group of return clients and we build relationships that last. Our clients return to us year after year and often refer friends and family of their own. Our service is one that requires care and consideration. It's about making your life easier. Let us take care of the paperwork, the long drive and the details.

Moving Is Easy

We frequently drive U-Haul’s or Penske rental trucks - including towed vehicles. We recommend Penske in particular when it comes to the larger trucks. Larger Penske trucks – from 22' and 26' typically accept diesel fuel which can be more dependable and achieve better overall fuel economy as well as performance. 

You Fly, We Drive

If you are flying to your vehicles destination, generally we generally suggest that Drive Car To Florida receives your vehicle 24 prior to your flight and we will have your vehicle waiting at the airport upon your arrival. This conveniently allows for you to simply exit the terminal, get in your vehicle and drive home. Saving you the added expense of a car service, or the inconvenience to a family member or friend.