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Step 4: Delivery

Upon the vehicle's arrival at its destination, if the service fee wasn't fully prepaid, the remaining balance is due to the driver, ensuring a clear and straightforward completion of the transaction and service agreement.

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Step 1: Request A Quote

Once you agree to our quote and set a date for your vehicle's journey, Drive Car To Florida will send you an agreement via email to start the process. This is the initial step in arranging for a professional driver to transport your car to Florida, ensuring that all details are clearly laid out and agreed upon before the service begins.

 Driveaway service offers a personalized and efficient solution for transporting vehicles to or from Florida, catering specifically to the needs of snowbirds, relocating families, and seniors. This service includes experienced drivers taking your car on a door-to-door journey, ensuring safety, reliability, and convenience. With an emphasis on professional handling and terrific customer care, driveaway services provide an alternative to traditional shipping, allowing for a more personal touch in the transportation of your vehicle. For a more detailed, step by step description below, to understand the full scope of services offered.

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Step 2: Arrangements and Itinerary

After the completion of the necessary paperwork, it allows for the planning of travel arrangements and itineraries. This step ensures that all logistical aspects of the car's journey, including routes, stopovers, and timelines, are carefully organized and communicated, paving the way for a smooth and efficient transportation process.

Hire Someone To Drive Your Car To Florida?

Driveaway Service

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Step 3: Vehicle Pickup

On the scheduled date and time, a professional driver will arrive at your location to collect your vehicle. Prior to departure, they will conduct a thorough safety inspection to ensure the vehicle is in good condition for the journey. Once this is completed, your car will be carefully driven to its intended destination, ensuring it arrives safely and efficiently.