Hitting the road from New Jersey to Florida? Get ready for a fun-filled, 1,000-mile road trip that's as diverse as it is long. You'll start in the cool vibes of the Garden State, cruise through historic sights and lush landscapes, and feel the air get warmer as you dip south. I-95 is your best friend, guiding you past cities, beaches, and everything in between. Snack on regional delicacies, jam to your favorite tunes, and watch the scenery shift from urban jungles to palm trees for about 16-20 hours. Finally arriving in sunny Florida, you're all set for beach days and theme park thrills. It's the ultimate East Coast adventure!


Embark on an epic coast-to-coast, 40 hour journey from California to Florida, covering around 2,500 miles of American landscape at its finest. Kick off in the Golden State, where the Pacific waves bid you farewell, and set your sights on the Sunshine State's inviting beaches. Your route cuts through deserts, mountains, and the heart of the southern U.S., showcasing a stunning variety of landscapes from the arid vistas of Arizona and New Mexico to the rich cultures of Texas, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast. Each state offers unique flavors, music, and sights, from the bustling streets of major cities to tranquil, hidden gems. As the miles roll by, you'll witness the country's vast beauty, experience its diverse cultures, and maybe even discover a bit about yourself. Ending in Florida, the warm ocean breeze welcomes you to a land of endless summer. This trip is more than a drive—it's a journey through the heart of America.


Gear up for a classic American road trip from the Windy City to sunny Florida! Starting in Chicago, you'll dive into a journey stretching over 1,000 miles and 16 - 21 hours, filled with vibrant cities, delicious food, and changing landscapes. Wave goodbye to the skyscrapers and head south, where you'll pass through the heartlands of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, experiencing the warmth of the Midwest. The route takes you through the scenic Appalachians in Tennessee and Georgia, offering breathtaking views and a taste of the South's rich history and culture. As you cruise into Florida, the air gets warmer, and the vibe shifts to vacation mode, with palm trees and ocean views signaling the start of an unforgettable beach getaway. It's a perfect blend of urban exploration and natural beauty, making every mile an adventure to remember.


Take off from the historic streets of Boston and embark on a journey down the East Coast to the sunny state of Florida, covering a span of roughly 1,300 miles and 20-26 hours. This road trip is a traveler's delight, weaving through diverse cities, charming towns, and captivating landscapes. From the crisp New England air, you'll drive through the bustling hubs and serene countryside of states like Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and beyond. Each leg of the journey offers a unique glimpse into America's rich tapestry of cultures, histories, and natural beauty. Marvel at the changing scenery, from urban skylines to the rolling hills of the Mid-Atlantic and the vibrant greens of the South. Delight in regional cuisines, from fresh seafood to southern barbecue, making culinary stops as memorable as the sights. Upon reaching Florida, the warmth and welcoming atmosphere mark the culmination of an epic exploration through the heart of the East Coast. It's an adventure filled with discovery, offering something for everyone along the way.


Prepare for an iconic American road trip from the diverse landscapes of Pennsylvania to the sunny shores of Florida! Beginning in Pennsylvania, you're set to embark on a journey spanning over 1,000 miles and taking between 15 to 20 hours, filled with historic sites, tantalizing cuisine, and varied scenery. Bid farewell to Pennsylvania's rich history and vibrant city life as you head south, crossing into the picturesque settings of Maryland and Virginia, where the blend of urban and rural landscapes showcases the heart of the East Coast.

Your route will lead you through the enchanting Blue Ridge Mountains and into the Carolinas, presenting an opportunity to experience the charm and warmth of the Southeast. Marvel at the rolling hills and verdant landscapes as you traverse North and South Carolina, entering Georgia with its storied past and lush vistas.

As you make your way into Florida, the atmosphere becomes decidedly more tropical, with the scent of the ocean in the air and palm trees dotting the horizon. The transition to vacation mode is unmistakable, inviting you to enjoy Florida's beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, and laid-back lifestyle. This journey is a harmonious mix of cultural exploration and natural splendor, ensuring every mile is packed with memories to cherish.


Set out from the vast landscapes of Texas on a road trip to Florida that promises adventure, culture, and an ever-changing backdrop. Spanning from 600 - 1800 miles and anywhere between 10 and 30 hours, your journey kicks off amidst the Lone Star State's iconic wide-open spaces and rich history. Heading east, you'll traverse Louisiana, where the rhythm of jazz and the aroma of Creole cooking fill the air, inviting you to linger in the vibrant heart of New Orleans. As you drive through Mississippi and Alabama, the Gulf Coast beckons with its unique blend of Southern charm and coastal beauty, offering a mix of sandy shores and historic sites. The route unfolds through quaint towns, bustling cities, and lush landscapes, each mile introducing you to the diverse fabric of the American South. Upon entering Florida, the scenery shifts as you're greeted by a mosaic of cultures, natural springs, and sprawling wetlands, marking the final stretch of your epic road trip. From the rugged terrains of Texas to the sun-drenched vistas of Florida, this journey is a celebration of the spirit and splendor of the South.


Hit the road from New York to Florida and experience the ultimate East Coast adventure. This 1,000 - 1,400-mile trip takes you from the vibrant streets of New York, through historic cities like Philadelphia and Washington D.C., and down the scenic routes of the South. Witness the change from bustling urban centers to the warm hospitality and lush landscapes of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Each state brings its own flavor, with local cuisines, historic sites, and cultural gems along the way. As you enter Florida, the journey transitions into an exploration of its rich ecosystems and lively cities. It’s a road trip that offers a taste of America's diverse beauty and heritage, all in one epic drive. And because New Yorkers are known to have all the answers, including the meaning of life, writing down the travel time is like teaching a bird to fly. However, we'll do it anyway, let's say 15 - 24 hours. 


Embarking on a journey from the evergreen landscapes of Washington to the sunny shores of Florida is a venture through the heart of America. Covering approximately 3,000 miles over 45-50 hours, this epic journey takes you from the Pacific Northwest, down the scenic West Coast, through the majestic mountains and vast deserts of the Southwest, into the vibrant heart of the South, and finally to the tropical paradise of Florida. Along the way, feast on a smorgasbord of regional cuisines, from fresh Pacific seafood to spicy Southwestern dishes and Southern comfort food. You'll pass through diverse ecosystems, from lush forests and arid deserts to mountain ranges and flat plains, witnessing the stunning natural beauty and cultural richness of the United States. Each state presents its own character, inviting travelers to explore its unique attractions. As you approach Florida, the anticipation of palm trees, warm beaches, and a welcoming, laid-back lifestyle marks the culmination of a true coast-to-coast adventure.


Start your journey in Oregon, where the misty landscapes of the Pacific Northwest set the stage for an unforgettable 3,200-mile, approximately 48-52 hours, cross-country trip to Florida. Travel through the rugged beauty of the Oregon trails, across the majestic Rocky Mountains, and through the heart of the American Midwest before dipping into the South's warmth and charm. Oregon's coffee and craft beer, the Rockies' breathtaking vistas, the Midwest's hearty meals, and the South's soulful rhythms will accompany you. The diverse climates and landscapes transition from the dense, green forests of Oregon to the wide-open plains and vibrant cities of the central United States, leading to the subtropical climate of Florida. The journey is a mosaic of American culture, showcasing the tapestry of landscapes, cuisines, and communities that make up this vast country. As you arrive in Florida, the contrast of the tropical climate against the backdrop of your journey highlights the diverse beauty of the United States.


Leaving behind the industrious spirit of Ohio, set out on a journey to the sunny vistas of Florida, a trip covering around 1,000 miles that can be completed in about 15-20 hours. Ohio's rich history and vibrant cultural scenes give way to the scenic beauty and hospitality of the Appalachian region, through Kentucky and Tennessee, and then the welcoming warmth of the Southeast. The drive showcases the changing landscapes of America, from the rolling hills and historic sites of the Midwest to the picturesque mountain ranges and finally, the sandy beaches of Florida. The transition from the cooler climates of the North to the subtropical warmth of Florida encapsulates the diverse environmental and cultural makeup of the Eastern United States. Each state along the route offers a distinct flavor of American life, from the heartland's agricultural roots to the South's historic charm and Florida's tropical allure.


From the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, this journey from Michigan to Florida spans approximately 1,200 miles and takes about 18-24 hours. Starting in Michigan, known for its automotive heritage and stunning lakefronts, the route leads through the heart of the Midwest, showcasing the industrial might and natural beauty of states like Ohio and Kentucky. As you continue south through Tennessee and Georgia, the landscape and culture shift to the iconic sights and sounds of the South. This road trip is a narrative of America's evolution, from the industrial hubs of the North to the agricultural lands of the Midwest and into the soulful depths of the Southern states. The journey ends in Florida, where the vibrant cultures, lush landscapes, and warm beaches welcome travelers to a state that epitomizes the leisure and beauty of the Southeastern coast. Each leg of the trip offers unique insights into the country's history, culture, and natural wonders.


Embark on a quintessential East Coast journey from the charming New England state of Connecticut to the sun-drenched shores of Florida. Covering roughly 1,200 miles over 18-24 hours, this drive takes you from the historic towns and scenic landscapes of the Northeast, through the Mid-Atlantic's bustling cities and rich historical sites, down to the warm, inviting climate of the South. Connecticut's colonial heritage and autumnal beauty give way to the urban landscapes of New York and Philadelphia, the historical significance of Washington, D.C., and the verdant hills of the Carolinas and Georgia. Each state along the way adds its own chapter to the story, blending the Northeast's sophistication with the South's charm and hospitality. As you arrive in Florida, the shift to tropical weather and laid-back beach culture marks a fitting end to a journey that encapsulates the diversity and beauty of the East Coast.


This road trip takes you from the historical depth of Virginia, through the heart of the Southeast, and into the tropical embrace of Florida. Spanning approximately 850 miles, the journey can be comfortably made in about 12-18 hours. Virginia's rich history and diverse landscapes serve as the starting point, with the route passing through the Carolinas, where the allure of the Atlantic, vibrant cities, and Southern hospitality beckon. As you travel through Georgia, the culture and scenery begin to blend into the subtropical climate of Florida. This drive offers a condensed yet rich tapestry of the American Southeast, showcasing everything from historical landmarks and natural beauty to culinary delights and cultural diversity. The progression from Virginia's historical sites to Florida's sunny beaches encapsulates the region's variety, making for an enriching and memorable road trip experience.


Set off from the desert landscapes of Arizona on a cross-country voyage to the tropical paradise of Florida, covering about 2,000 miles over a 30-35 hour journey. Begin amidst the striking beauty of the Southwest, with its vast deserts, towering cacti, and vibrant sunsets. The route takes you through New Mexico and Texas, where the blend of cultures and expansive landscapes offers a glimpse into the heart of the American Southwest. As you move through Louisiana and the Gulf Coast states, the scenery transitions to lush wetlands and vibrant cities pulsing with music and life. This trip is a celebration of America's geographical and cultural diversity, from the rugged terrains of the West through the soulful heart of the South, and finally to Florida's welcoming shores. The dramatic change in landscapes, climates, and cultures over the course of the journey highlights the rich tapestry that is the United States, ending in a state known for its mix of cultures, natural beauty, and leisurely lifestyle.

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Embark on Your Journey: Driving Routes from Various States to Florida



Prepare for a scenic expedition from the tranquil forests of Maine to the sunny beaches of Florida. This extensive trip covers approximately 1,500 miles and takes around 24-30 hours, inviting you to witness the dramatic change from the rugged, natural beauty of New England to the tropical allure of the Sunshine State. Your path will wind through picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities, offering tastes of local cuisine and glimpses into America's historical and cultural richness. Starting from Maine's serene wilderness, you'll traverse the bustling Northeast, before the landscapes soften into the welcoming warmth of the South. Arriving in Florida, you're greeted by the iconic palm trees and balmy breezes that signal the start of an unforgettable tropical getaway.


Embark from New Hampshire's serene mountains and forests on a road trip to Florida's vibrant landscapes, spanning over 1,400 miles and about 22-28 hours of driving. This journey offers a transition from the quaint charm of New England to the lively atmosphere of the Southeastern coast. Along the way, engage with the unique cultural fabric and historical landmarks of each state you pass through, from the urban centers of the Mid-Atlantic to the heart-warming Southern hospitality. The trip concludes as you enter Florida, where the warmth of both the climate and the people welcome you to a state famous for its diverse ecosystems and bustling cities.


Set sail on a road trip from the coastal charm of Rhode Island to the sunny expanses of Florida, covering roughly 1,300 miles over a span of 20-26 hours. This coastal odyssey invites you to explore the scenic and cultural diversity that lines the Eastern Seaboard, from the historic landmarks and maritime heritage of New England to the sun-soaked beaches and lively cities of the South. With every mile, the journey evolves, presenting opportunities to savor regional delicacies and absorb the rich tapestry of American history and culture. Your arrival in Florida marks the culmination of a memorable expedition through the country's most captivating coastal regions.


Begin your adventure in Maryland, the gateway to the South, and travel down the Eastern Seaboard to the tropical paradise of Florida. This trip spans approximately 1,000 miles and takes around 16-20 hours, showcasing a blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. From the historic waterways of the Chesapeake to the sprawling landscapes of the Carolinas and Georgia, each state offers a piece of the American mosaic. Enjoy the changing scenery and the melting pot of cultures that define this region. As you reach Florida, the transformation is complete, welcoming you to a world where the sun shines brighter and the waters invite endless exploration.


Start your southern sojourn in the diverse landscapes of North Carolina, heading towards the allure of Florida, a journey of roughly 700 miles that can be comfortably made in about 11-15 hours. Travel through the heart of the Southeast, experiencing the soulful culture and warm hospitality that this region is known for. From the rolling hills and historic sites of the Carolinas to the subtropical climate of Georgia, this route offers a rich tapestry of American life. The final stretch into Florida welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to enjoy its famous beaches, vibrant cities, and laid-back lifestyle.


Embark from the historic beauty of Georgia on a short but scenic journey to Florida, covering a distance of approximately 350 miles in about 5-7 hours. This route serves as a gateway from the traditional charm of the South to the tropical haven of Florida. Witness the seamless transition of landscapes and lifestyles as you move from Georgia's storied past and lush landscapes into the vibrant diversity and warmth of Florida. This drive offers a glimpse into the seamless blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that characterizes the transition from the Deep South to the tropics.


Depart from the scenic mountains of Tennessee on a car ride to the inviting beaches of Florida, traversing approximately 800 miles over 12-16 hours. This journey showcases the dramatic shift from the Appalachian highlands to the coastal plains of the Southeast, highlighting the diverse beauty of the American landscape. Along the way, immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage and southern hospitality that define this route. As you approach Florida, the air becomes warmer, and the landscape bursts with color, welcoming you to a state where adventure and relaxation meet.


Set off from the heartland of Indiana on a journey to the sunny coasts of Florida, a trip covering about 1,000 miles that unfolds over 15-20 hours. This route offers a unique cross-section of American culture, from the industrial Midwest through the storied South, and down to the tropical allure of Florida. Experience the changing landscapes, from agricultural plains to mountain vistas and finally to the sandy shores. The cultural shift is equally profound, offering a tapestry of experiences that reflect the vibrant diversity of the United States. Arriving in Florida, the transition to a vacation state of mind is immediate, inviting you to enjoy the leisure and beauty that define this tropical paradise.


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If you are flying to your vehicle's destination from New Jersey, New York, Boston, Chicago, Texas, and California,   we generally suggest that Drive Car To Florida receives your vehicle 24 prior to your flight and we will have your vehicle waiting at the airport upon your arrival. This conveniently allows for you to simply exit the terminal, get in your vehicle and drive home. Saving you the added expense of a car service, or the inconvenience to a family member or friend.

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At Drive Car To Florida, a driveaway service, we have a large group of return clients and we build relationships that last. Our clients return to us year after year and often refer friends and family of their own. Our service is one that requires care and consideration. It's about making your life easier. Let us take care of the paperwork, the long drive, and the details.

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